About Us

Momentum Gear was founded in 2012 with the intent to create and improve products for our own local functional fitness gym. Work began in the garage of one of the founders, welding and playing mad scientist to bring our ideas about different equipment into reality, mainly the speed rope. As we heard other gyms and athletes expressing the need and desire for quality products at fair prices, we started sharing our products and began to grow. The foundation of our company is built upon the values we have come to know throughout our years as coaches, engineers, and small business owners. Community, Quality, and Customer Service. These are the things we strive to provide in every day. We feel it is important to build a strong, close relationship with each and every affiliate, knowing that they value the same ideals that we do. With this in mind we offer our products to be customizable for each unique gym at a price that is fair and a quality guarantee that we stand by throughout the life of the product. We have made our name in speed ropes with a unique feel and design, expanding our product line to include items that we feel fit best with community needs: fair price and high quality. Our Momentum family is continuously growing, with Momentum Gear affiliates popping up across the country and all over the globe. Our goal is for each community to have their own local trusted Momentum Gear representative available to fulfill their fitness equipment and accessory needs. We look forward to the future of fitness and hope to continue finding ways to best serve our customers and help them to thrive in each community.