50 Cals

Faster than a speeding bullet! Same great handles with a military skin.

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The Momentum 50 Caliber Speed is an homage to our service men and women. This rope is big, bright, and bada**! With a much heavier feel than any of our other handles this rope is made from real 50 caliber shells. We gave it a little shine and our elite speed rope guts to give you one bada** jump rope. This rope makes a great gift for that special someone in the armed forces or military athlete. Combining fast, smooth spinning nylon bushings with a durable bullet shell handle and an infinitely adjustable PVC coated cable, you’ve got a truly elite piece of equipment.


  • 50 caliber shell handles
  • laser engraved logo- Momentum-gear 50 cal
  • 1″ diameter
  • 4″ long
  • Smooth spinning nylon bearings
  • Upgraded cable – very little memory so no kinks to work out.
  • tool-free cable adjustment, no need for any hardware

Package Contents and Specifications:

  • 1 50 CalSpeed Rope by Momentum Gear
  • Weight: 159 grams each
  • Material: Real Brass 50 cal shell
  • Handle Length:4″
  • Cable Length: before sizing 10’10”
  • Cable Material: 7 Strand PVC coated USA made cable
  • Made in the USA

More information:

Jump ropes are some of the simplest tools used for conditioning. Momentum Speed Ropes are everything you need, and nothing you don’t. These jump ropes are all you need to bang out double unders day in, day out. While they are light enough to give you the speed and efficiency it’s got a great feel and weight to it so that beginners can get a feel for their speed rope.


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