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About Us


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Momentum Gear’s premium speed ropes and compression arm sleeves are highly effective and built to last. Our values are deeply rooted in the culture of functional fitness. We believe you should get quality equipment and service for you box or home gym and that is what we provide.[/bsf-info-box][bsf-info-box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”2612″ img_width=”70″ title=”Dedicated Team”]


Our team will work to provide you with the best possible service. Contact us if you have any questions about any of our products and one of our team members will get back to you asap![/bsf-info-box]

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Fit life, Fit Community

We understand that each box has a unique community that the fit life has provided. We love be a staple in your community. We provide our own MG affiliates for your area so there is always someone you can go to with wants, needs, and the little extras for your gym.[/bsf-info-box][bsf-info-box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”2615″ img_width=”70″ title=”Unique Snowflake”]


Momentum Gear has the ability to customize items for your gym.  Looking for a set of ropes for your gym?  Get a customized set to sell or stock your box.  We can also customize rigs, compression gear, and other small items just for your athletes so they can wear their gym’s heart on their sleeves.[/bsf-info-box]

Become a Momentum Gear Affiliate

    Join the Momentum Gear team and earn money doing what you love
  • Full booth set up for attending events
  • HQ support for success
  • Work with people within the CF community
  • Have fun making money!
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