Add Arm Compression Sleeves To Your Fall Outdoor Workout

arm compression sleeves vancouver, WA

The weather has been a bit crisper lately with the fall season setting in. With these upcoming days getting more chilly and damp, now is a good time to invest in compression gear if you haven’t already. Our arm compression sleeves keep you warm and insulated from the elements, while also protecting your muscles and joints during warm up and against potential damage this fall season.

Keep warm during the cooler months.

Do these recent fall days have you feeling chilly during your outdoor workouts, but you don’t want to throw on a bulky long-sleeve shirt or sweater? A compression sleeve presents the perfect alternative. Our arm compression sleeves cover your skin, keeping you warm and insulated from drafty weather, yet remaining breathable so you don’t feel overly heated. Let’s be honest, the climate in the Pacific Northwest can be unpredictable. Instead of dealing with the inconvenience of wearing or removing layers, our arm compression sleeves can moderate your body temperature at a more consistent level.  It is the perfect gear for cold weather workouts, especially as we approach the later part of the year.

Get protection from the elements and or equipment.

Not only is the Pacific Northwest known for its volatile weather; it is also known for its rain. With its moisture wicking and fast drying properties, our compression sleeves provide an added level of protection against the elements. Not only that, but our arm compression sleeves also happen to provide spf-50 protection on those rare days we get sun during the fall season. Our compression gear protects the skin from the weather, but also from dirt and scratches during outdoor workouts and chafing and scrapes from gym equipment during indoor workouts.

Promotes circulation and muscle stability to combat stiff limbs on cold mornings.
A particularly brisk day can make it harder for your muscles and joints to warm up, especially if you have suffered an injury in the past or are a bit older. Arm compression sleeves promote better blood flow to your muscles and joints, helping your muscles to warm up quicker and overcome cold weather stiffness. This not only better prepares you for your workout, but also helps to protect you against muscle, tissue, and tendon damage. Increased circulation also provides oxygen to muscles, allowing for better performance and recovery and can help reduce fatigue and speed recovery after your workout. This makes arm compression sleeves great as a post workout and rehab tool.


Our compression sleeves are a great piece of equipment that can provide several benefits to your workout. It is a crossfit must, but is also great for running, court sports, training, and functional fitness. Our arm compression sleeves come in two different sizes, small/medium and large/extra-large, and should be loose enough that it doesn’t feel like it is cutting circulation off to your limbs, but tight enough to where it feels snug, not loose on the body. They are also customizable, allowing you to add custom logos for gyms, workout/running teams, events, and sports shops. Contact us if you are interested in customizing.

So this fall, don’t be without this piece of compression gear as we head into the cooler months. Our arm compression sleeves minimize the chance of injury while helping you to stay warm, protected from the elements, and comfortable during your outdoor workouts this fall.

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