Momentum is Oscar Mike

Momentum is on the move!

We will be posting workouts, recipes, thoughts, new product developments, updates for the CrossFit Games, general rants about fitness and maybe some not so fitness topics. If you have questions feel free to email them to us and if we feel its good a question for everyone to hear the answer to, we will respond here.

With that, I “Craig”, and the rest of Momentum want to thank a few people that got us here in the last year or so. Not in order of importance so don’t be a bunch of babies 🙂

Dan at Hero Culture Clothing, without him we would have never had a chance to get our feet wet at the NW regionals a couple years ago!

Katie Chasey at RX Bound Training, was instrumental in introducing us to Dan and Dai, pushing our product in a big way and generally being a close ally. 

Dai Manuel, CFO at Fitness Town in Canada. Dai was one of our first big customers, has been one of our favorite people to talk to over the last couple of years, and is a huge influence in BC.

Kevin Hughes, owner of FTF Fitness, a huge supporter of us in business and otherwise!

Our local CrossFit gyms- Epiphany, Wilsonville, Absolute, The Den, Acro, Tiger Mountain, Oly CF,  SW PDX, X-Factor, Mahoney, M.O.C., Recon, StrengthFIT, OGER, Amped….. the list goes on and on and I am sure we are forgetting a lot of people, but those are the ones that come to mind right now.

So much love for CrossFit and all our other athletes!

Thanks from Craig, Aubry, Jack, and Bria


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